Weft, Closures, And Frontals cont...

We recommend Aleeneā€™s Stop Fraying. This particular product is white when wet but dries clear. Shampoo, condition, and dry hair prior to sealing. Apply a thin layer of sealant to both sides on the weft. Allow one side to dry before beginning the opposite side. The sealant must not come into contact with water for 5 days. Once the sealant has dried, the hair can be installed; you do not have to wait 5 days to install the hair.

Weft reinforcement is the application of a sealant to the weft to prevent shedding, thereby extending the life of the weft. Sealants can be purchased from your local craft store, for they are usually used to prevent fraying of fabrics.

What are closures?

Closures are small hairpieces which will allow the wearer to wear a full weave, without leaving any of their natural hair out. This handmade enhancement will allow for natural looking parts.

How are closures applied?

Closures are attached to the horseshoe section of your head from just behind your hairline to the top center of the head. Closures can be applied many ways. The most popular method used to attach a closure is by sewing it into your hair. This is done by attaching it to cornrow braids along the perimeter. It is attached behind the natural hairline. The lace-front portion would be folded under the base. Since our closures have a lace-front, you can also sew the back and sides of the closure into your cornrows and glue the front lace base part using toupee tape or toupee glue. You can also sew wig clips to the closure and clip it on to a cornrowed base. The lace-front is then attached with adhesives. The addition of wig clips will allow for complete removal of the closure so you may shampoo both your natural hair and the hair piece.

How can I style the closure?

Our closures are freestyle closures; which allows for styling freedom. You can style your hair any way you choose. This includes a part down the middle, a side part, and no part with all your hair pulled back. The hair closures are made with 100% Malaysian Remy hair and can be combed, curled, or flat ironed to achieve any hair style you want.

How long does the closure last?

With proper care, our closures last for multiple installations. The most important step to ensure a long life for your closure is to seal it prior to each installation.